My girlfriend and I caught a dwarf. He was watching me. Imagine, a month ago he came to me for a session and then moved my house. Now he lives a few floors below. And he was watching me the whole time. And I couldn’t understand why I felt like I was being watched all the time. We made him lick our pussys and asses. Suck and chew our tampons. But that was only the beginning. His punishment is just ahead! For a start, give him a good fuck. I love straponit men, and here such a miniature ass-the perfect fucking machine. And now it’s time for you to become our toilet bowl dwarf. Since you were so eager for me, watching, get what you deserve. A mouthful of , shit all on your . And I don’t care that you have a wife at home and how you justify why you’re covered in shit and stinking. You run home naked and covered in shit
our toilet bowl dwarf
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