You’re a toilet, a toilet bowl, a latrine. You’re lying with your head in the toilet, your mouth open, waiting for someone to come in and use you. You don’t have your own thoughts and desires, you only think about one thing, how to please your masters. Here I enter the bathroom, just one fleeting look at you, at your face under the rim of the toilet, you’re not worth more. You’re nothing, you’re glad I came in, glad I’m going to use your toilet mouth now. My ass is opening up, a wet fart bursts into your mouth, my ass is bubbling, shit come in your mouth. Swallow immediately, swallow without chewing. Here’s another helping of softer shit. You self agreed, self wanted to be my permanent living toilet. So eat my shit faster. Your visitor will be here soon. Here’s a slave girl coming into the bathroom, she tries not to look at you in the toilet bowl, you are just a thing. Her beautiful young ass falls on the toilet seat, you are still glad that she visited you, glad that she decided to use your toilet mouth. Her anus inflates several times, opens a blooming bud. And thick, fragrant shit, crawls into your mouth. Eat, swallow quickly, she won’t wait. Her ass opens again and the next portion of shit enters your mouth filling it to overflowing. Chew and swallow your stinky food. You’re lucky a beautiful girl did you the honor of taking a shit in your mouth. Lie and enjoy the taste of shit in your filthy mouth
You're latrine, open your mouth, eat shit
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