Hi guys. In this video Olga, her period went and she shot several more videos with her period. Olga is on the bed and she fucks herself during her period. Olga showed her pad, all soaked in blood from menstruation. Since this was only the beginning, there was a lot of blood and it was flowing out of my vagina in large quantities. When Olga pissed on the bed, the period flowed out of her pussy and it was very clearly visible and the period with urine remained on the bed, and Olga’s ass was in this liquid, like in a marinade. Then Olga took a shit and shit erupted from her like lava from a volcano, she continued to fuck herself and smeared the mixture on my feet. She also sucked a dirty on which there were traces of menstruation. Here’s a video I got during my period. Enjoy watching.
My monthly February went yesterday
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