Good day, my beloved friends. In this video you will see my another day in the toilet. I went in, brushed my teeth and undressed. I like how you watch my videos, I like showing you my everyday life. You know that my family is outside my door, and I’m filming for you. I and am very worried that my husband would not find out about our secret with you. I am very glad to be with you whenever I have the opportunity. And so I brushed my teeth and undressed, I sat down on the toilet, pissed, pissed and poured, there was a lot of it, and I was standing over the toilet, then came out, ***ay it was soft and the smell was very sharp. I had to stand for a long time as the shit came out and came out. I showed you the result of what ended up in the toilet. I myself did not expect this))) it was super) Then I wiped my ass with paper and showed you all this on camera. I washed my ass in a bidet and put on clean linen, you can see all this! Enjoy your viewing, my secret lover!
My next February morning
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