Hi everyone. Another video from Olga. In this video, she decided to eat. Olga gave a shit on the plate, the shit turned out to be hard and flexible and Olga decided that she must definitely eat it. It looked very appetizing. Olga settled on the bed, placing a plate of warm shit in front of her. She lit a cigarette and enjoyed it, blowing smoke out of her mouth very erotically, Olga pounded the ashes onto a plate of shit and also spat there, as if making a sauce for shit from saliva and ash. When Olga smoked a cigarette and all the ashes were in the plate along with saliva and shit, she took small pieces of shit with her hands and put them in her mouth to swallow it. Olga ate very carefully, but her mouth was completely full and therefore her cheeks swelled and she looked a hamster))) Thus Olga ate all the shit from the plate along with ash and saliva! Be the first to see this erotic shit eating, it doesn’t always work out like that, it’s aerobatics. Do not forget to visit us and shop, thereby expressing your love! Happy viewing, our lovely fans!
Olga eats shit, drool and ash
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