Hello my dear friends. I made this video for you at the time when I needed to donate urine for tests. I got a little sick and I do not shoot a lot of videos yet, but I could not resist not to shoot this for you. I have a test jar in my hands and I came to the bathroom to pee in it. I still have my period and before writing to the bank I washed my pussy from my period. Then I wrote to the jar and showed you on camera what my urine looks . Then I thought that I could go to the toilet, but the constipation was severe and I was able to give out only a few poop out of myself, no matter how hard I tried. So this video is mostly piss. I hope you enjoy it anyway. I’ll be back to you soon, my dear fans. Enjoy your browsing, do not forget to come to my store for updates!
Urine for analyzes
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